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A Wardrobe Consulting, Styling and Personal Shopping service catering to women in  the New York City area. We are the fashion solution, to save you time and empower you to feel confident in your style. We specialize in petites.



Diane Pollack

During fashion week, I went to 2  panel presentations put on by Women's Wear Daily about upcoming trends. As the moderators and panelists walked, out the first thing that struck me was that all were wearing black head-to-toe.  

As they started to show slides of the upcoming trends; bold stripes, tie-die and neon, to name just a few, the irony was really blatant.


The following week, I was a guest on a radio show where one of the hostesses was wearing head-to-toe black and the other was wearing a print which was black and grey. I showed up in a neon yellow top, which was well noted and the conversation started about why people, especially in New York, wear all black.

Coincidentally, Berdorf Goodman currently has a curated area (including the window displays on 5th avenue) dedicated to all things black and entitled NOIR.

So I decided to discuss dressing in black as the topic of this month's insider news.

What does black stand for?

Photo inside NOIR AT Bergdorf Goodman

Photo inside NOIR AT Bergdorf Goodman

 - Edgy

- Eternally stylish

- Sexy

- No-brainer chic

- Blending in

- Some may say it goes with everything, - my thoughts on that.

I do think that most of the New York obsession with black, especially in the fashion industry, has to do with the first two. And after visiting the NOIR curation at Bergdorf's, sexy should also be added to the list.

Well I am a fashion person, how come you will rarely ever see me wearing all black?

Although I admire the chicness when others wear it, for me it would be like a funeral for fashion. I so much enjoy deciding what my outfits will be everyday and get uplifted by color and print. Wearing head-to-toe black would be the no-brainer for me, which would suck the joy out of my love of styling.

So you won't find me as one of the fashion types in all black. I am the one following those trends that the panel reported on and joyfully strutting the ones that I choose to work for me.

But this is not an either/or choice. You may choose to wear a colorful outfit on one day and all black on another.

No commitment necessary.

Be you and do what works for you!


Finding Fall and Fall Finds

Diane Pollack

Well, I hope everyone had a nice Labor day weekend.

This is the time that kids go back to school and we mentally feel like it is Fall. However, there is a bit of a disconnect with the seasons these days and the cool weather may not come for 6-8 weeks. (And I have no doubt that it will fluctuate between hot and cold in between.)

Nonetheless, fall fashions are in store and every month has its opportunity for a deal. I know that you are aware of all the great Labor day sales, so I don't feel bad that I missed that. 

Each month there are special deals, so check out the best sales times and items that get special pricing during the fall months.

SEPTEMBER The stores these days will always find an excuse for the next sale. So the day after Labor Day I came home to a Lord & Taylor flyer that was promoting a "back to Fall sale" for Sept 5-10. Other than the general sale pricing backpacks are often over 30% off at this time.

If you missed out on these. See what is in store for the following months.


                  Image from by Stuart Miles

                  Image from by Stuart Miles

OCTOBER  is the time for friends and family sales, usually starting in the second half of the month. This is when resort collections are coming in, so if you have a trip planned later, get a start now. Also, jewelry is discounted at around 40%.

NOVEMBER is the time when fall clothes, start to go on sale leading up to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday blowouts. Key items to buy then are sweaters, boots, coats, evening dresses, and bags. And sandals, to go with your resort wear.

Happy deal shopping for fall!

Look for Stylempower's fall trend report to key into Fall 2018 trends.

9 Tips to Flatter Your Figure

Diane Pollack

If you are perfectly happy with how you look in clothes and don't have at least one area that is not your favorite, don't bother to read the rest.

Are you still there?

Great, most of us would like a little help in knowing how we can look and feel our best in clothes. So as summer winds down, take a re-stock of your summer wardrobe and see what works.

Then keep this on hand when you are ready for fall.

1) Large expanses of fabric can make you look large. Color Block and vertical panels will trick the eye to break up these large areas. Break up a higher neckline with a scarf or necklace.
2) Flared / bootcut pants will balance out wide hips (trending NOW!).
3) Shoes that match pants, are skin colored, have low cut toes, or cut out sides, will elongate legs.

       Image courtesy of by Ambro

       Image courtesy of by Ambro

4) Wrap dresses, loose, untucked, drapey tops will all help to hide a tummy.

5) If you have a long torso, wear empire or cropped tops or jacket. If you have a short torso, wear drop-waist items, low slung belts or tunics. These will help balance your proportions.

6)  With a tight bottom, wear a loose top. Two too tight pieces might be overtly sexy. Tight jeans and a tee are Ok, But totally clingy pieces like leggings, pair best with fuller tops. 

7) With loose bottoms, wear a tight top. There are many women who falsely believe that if they wear two baggy pieces they will camouflage the curves or rolls in their bodies. Here you may be doing yourself a disservice and actually making yourself look bigger. (Think tent-like).

8) To enlarge a small chest, wear a higher neckline like a crewneck. To minimize a larger chest wear a neckline like a v-neck or a scoop neck. Boatnecks are good for narrow shoulders and wide hips.                                                                                                                                    

9) Don't let items cut you at the largest part of your body. For instance, cropped pants look best at the ankle and not calf. If you have wide hips, don't wear a top that falls at the widest part of your hips. And finally, if you dare to wear short shorts, let them at least come to the hollowed out area of your leg.

Feel free to print this page as a quick tip sheet.

For additional more personalized help, I am always here for you.



Summer Soup

Diane Pollack


It sure has felt soupy lately!

As we come into muggy August and many people are taking a vacation, I thought I would just throw you a few light tidbits. 

3 Easy Ways to get dressed quickly AND feel great

1) Lay out your outfits the night before. (Ok, I know you knew this, but maybe you just needed to hear it again.)

2) Have go-to outfits that you know you love and in a pinch can throw on.

3) If you are wearing an outfit and decide that you really like it, take a picture of it. This can then become a great go-to outfit.

So we have been talking about age and style and I always want to shout out to Bazaar Magazine "Sorry, you got this wrong".

 They have a section called "Fabulous at every age".

So far, so good.

Here is the thing. Sometimes, I look at the younger ages and I think "how matronly" or "I love it" and sometimes I  prefer pieces they have slotted in the much older age brackets. The truth is, what they are saying is very misleading and here is why.

                                                    Harper's Bazaar August 2018

                                                    Harper's Bazaar August 2018

So what they do is take a celebrity in each age category (which I think is great) and then they choose some pieces that are a similar style to what she is wearing.

The problem is that the style (in this case edgy/sexy for 20's and feminine/retro/ethereal for 30's) has nothing to do with their age nor would it necessarily be the style for everybody else in their twenties and thirties.  

So kudos to Bazaar for being age inclusive and showing celebrity at all ages. But how absolutely ludicrous to suggest that everyone in that 10 year age bracket should have even a remotely similar style.

A Right To Bare Arms

Diane Pollack

So last time I wrote that reaching a new age bracket is not a reason to automatically change your wardrobe or your style.

But don't get me wrong, there are various reasons why a woman as she ages may want to change the type of clothing she wears.

A big one might be a changing body. So if your arms start to wiggle a little more or your stomach bulges a little more, you may have more pouch in your tummy, or you have just expanded in general, you may very well choose alternate items for coverage or that are more flattering.

Now sometimes what you reveal, has nothing to do with your age. I will get a little personal here.

        This lady has personal style & she isn't afraid to show it!

        This lady has personal style & she isn't afraid to show it!

My whole life, not in my twenties, not in my teens or any other time, did I think I looked good in short skirts. So I choose not to wear them.

On the flip side, I am fortunate to have inherited my mother's arms. She rocked a beautiful halter dress at my wedding. And I will continue with my "right to bare arms" for as long as I feel good about it.

One area where I thought, well maybe age does matter was in regard to ripped jeans. After all, I wear them on occasion, but would not want to see my mother owning them. But the more I thought about this "exception to my rule", I realized it was not all about age.

Ripped jeans are a trendy item. When put together well and when appropriate, can be a cute look, for those who know how and when to wear them. If you are not a trendy / well-styled person, ripped jeans can simply look sloppy and unsophisticated.

For the rare few fabulously stylish women (like the woman in my last post, or the lady pictured here) I bet they could pull off ripped jeans... if they choose.

Although, I could continue to go on with more thoughts on "age-appropriate", I will leave you with these thoughts for now.

And most of all, I hope you make chooses that empower you at any age.

What is the Only Age Where a Woman Should Change Her Style?

Diane Pollack

Recently I had a landmark birthday. FIFTY!

Will I change anything about how I dress now that I must check off the next box down? Absolutely NOT!

I recall that Michelle Obama cut bangs when she turned fifty. Great! This was done as a new entree into an era. She actually choose a style that is more often seen on younger women. So absolutely, welcome an age with a change, if you like.

But, if you are thinking "should I  cut my hair to be more age appropriate"?  My answer is "no". This is where women may actually inadvertently age their look.

There is only one age where I think a woman should change her style.

Actually, this statement is misleading. It is not a number that you reach, but an age range where most women are probably going through a metamorphosis.

               Be a Fashionista at any age, if you choose.

               Be a Fashionista at any age, if you choose.

The age range I am referring to is early to mid-twenties. This is where a young woman really becomes a woman. She will start to shed her school attire and may have to wear more professional clothing. 

This is the only age where she may potentially be able to get by with some "borderline" clothing that may not seem appropriate for a woman older than she is. 

1) Because she is just making that transition and may not know better yet

2) Her less senior level job may not call for her to look like a boss yet.

3) She may not have the income to purchase some of the items her more senior co-workers have                                                                                                                                        

BTW - even if you work from home, it is still recommended to up-level your wardrobe to make some changes here, but they may not be as drastic or as important.

So that is it. That is where I draw the fuzzy grey line in regard to age. After that, if you are 30, 40, 50, 60 etc, I do not believe a woman should change her style solely to be age appropriate.

But of course, that is only the start of the conversation. There are other factors that go into a woman's choice of clothing and her age. Oh, there is so much more to tell you in regards to this. I think I will leave you waiting to hear more on this topic, So let's continue this conversation another time....

I just hope I leave you thinking, the next time you hit that landmark birthday, please don't do anything "age appropriate" .


Is Alexa Really A Good Stylist?

Diane Pollack

Perhaps you might have seen the below article in The Post a few weeks ago. If not, you are certainly aware of all of the Apps, platforms etc. that dish out style advice these days.

So if you read this article or heard about the apps, you might wonder, "is style advise as easy as asking an App"? 

Well, I can tell you, since this is what I do, that Alexa has a lot more to learn about fashion and style. Further, her rating outfits by number, gives very little insight into specifics of why she choose it, or advice to take to utilize toward other improved outfits.

If you look at Alexa's comment in the blue circle, she chooses the pants outfit because "colors look better together". Quite vague, merely an opinion and by the way, she is quoted as using the same exact qualifier for another outfit later on in the article.

Now if you asked me, I would also tell you

1) Why she looks so much slimmer in the pants outfit (and no, it is not a pant vs. skirt thing)
2) How you can take this slimming advice and utilize it for other outfits.
3) How to improve the outfit even more

                                           New York Post

                                         New York Post

So why is the pant outfit so much more flattering?

Three reasons.

1) The open jacket breaks up her body. A large expanse of fabric can make an area look large. Anything that breaks it up (color, fabrics, seams, accessories) will help the areas look smaller. Further, this is a vertical break which helps to elongate. The same effect can be achieved with an open cardigan.

2) Look at where her waist is across both pictures. Due to her proportions, she looks better bringing the top and bottom break lower by wearing an untucked piece. This can also be achieved by wearing, lower-rise pants or a belted dress or top on the hips. This works for her and her proportions. You have different proportions and how to wear things would be assessed by your proportions, curves etc.

3) The skirt outfit, although far from voluminous, has two fuller pieces. The skirt would look better with a more body-conscious top, like a knit.

Now let's talk about accessories.

Both outfits could use some help in this area. The huggable earrings feel a little serious and don't do much for either outfit.

The bright top on the skirt outfit is a really pretty color. But the neckline does nothing and all that plain fabric and no design detail really call for a great scarf or necklace. I would recommend a necklace with colored stones. Bonus - if she were to find a necklace or scarf that tied the colors of the top and bottom together, I wonder if Alexa would still say that the colors in the outfit don't look great together.

The earring for the pant outfit seems a little serious and more business-like. I would opt for a short necklace or a more casual dangling earring, probably a solid metal to go with the hardware on the jacket. 

So take that Alexa!

Next time you are looking for style advice. I believe you will get a lot more bang for your buck with a real live person.


Does White Go With Everything?

Diane Pollack

Last year I wrote a very popular blog called "Does Black Go With Everything" The short answer was that although it would never be considered a fashion faux pas, there are many times I see women pairing black back to items and it is not the most styled or fabulous pairing.

Often it is because there is no black in the print they are wearing it with or pairing back to pastels, black can feel heavy. Even a print with a fine black outline can look heavy when paired back to black.

Now that summer is finally here,  let's get back to white. 

Does white go with everything?

Here, in most cases, I would say "yes"!

Well, let me clarify, I do not like white paired back to heavy wintery items. Talk about looking too heavy. No, what I am saying yes to here is based on other summer items.


Pucci-like skirt.JPG

For instance, I have this fun colorful skirt pictured above. What would you wear with it? You don't want to wear any of these bright colors back to it. First, they would be very difficult to match. Even if you could, it would look too matchy-matchy. Black with it, to my point, is too heavy looking.  Here is where a nice white top is a great neutral. 

Funny right? You would think the same guidelines would go for black as they do for white. I can't tell you why it is, but I can recommend that if you follow these guidelines, you may have better outfit combinations.

So as you continue to look through your summer wardrobe at items that you are not sure what to wear them back to, see if white might be a better option than black.

This brings me to another question that you also might be asking. 

Do jeans or denim go with everything? 

The answer here is pretty similar to my "yes" to white. I say yes to denim as a neutral. And no, you do not need any blue in the item to make it work.

Here are some additional guidelines when pairing pieces back with jeans/denim.

Dark denim is usually dressier. The lighter the wash, the more casual it generally is.

However, I do break out my most faded washes in the summer. They look great with pastels. Dark washes look great with brights.

I hope these tidbits were helpful for your summer styling. If you are still confused and overwhelmed, please feel free to reach out so I can help you with your specific items and needs.

Say Bye-Bye To The Impulse buy

Diane Pollack

A few weeks ago I made an impulse buy. It was a light blue motorcycle jacket.  Doesn't everyone need one? Well although it was not something I set out to purchase, it turns out that I did "need" one and here is why.

The seasons have changed forecasts. It used to be that many people would buy a spring raincoat for those April showers and that would be enough. Unfortunately, that lightweight coat just hasn't been warm enough for some of our spring weather.

The weather has been increasingly cold throughout May and this calls for a fall weight jacket. The problem is that we have just spent months of dark colors, furry trims, wooly fabrics and this is so NOT what we want to be wearing in May.

I had previously realized that I needed a warm jacket for the weather in the 50's, but that looked springy. A few years ago, I did do a targeted shop for this item and came up with an orange coat, perfect!

After bringing home the light blue motorcycle jacket, I did an assessment and realized that this was another useful spring jacket to have and here is why.

light blue moto jacket

It was another warm spring jacket but was different enough from the orange one that there was room for both in my wardrobe.

1) Fabrication- one was fabric and the other was leather

2) Type of color - one was bright and one was pastel

3) Type of outwear - One was short and the other was long

4) One was very casual, the other a little nicer

No redundancies, my wardrobe had room for both.

Also of note is that you will need a neutral. I still wear my black leather jacket in the spring, when the outfit calls for something more neutral.

In order to avoid redundancies and unnecessary items in your wardrobe, you want to review if 

1 )They are different enough from the items you already own in that category

2) If it is also a color and/or style that you will have a use for in general

Go through the list above or similar, and say bye-bye to those purchases that are unnecessary, you won't wear or are redundant and hence a waste of money.

Orange coat.jpg

The Inside Scoop - When You Can Find The Best Deals

Diane Pollack

Well, it used to be that you would wait for the sales on Black Friday, Memorial day etc. to nab the best deals. The truth is, now many of the big department stores and chain stores are having constant promotions.

But you can still find out the best months to get that great deal on certain categories and even the best days.

So lucky for you, below I have outlined some inside scoop so that you can assure yourself that you got the best deal.


Coats, suits, cocktail dresses, bags and lingerie are ready for markdowns. Just in time...Swimwear, which has been out in the stores, probably before you could think about it, is now on sale. And yes, of course, Memorial day sales will be taking place, so you might want to hold out a little.


Lucky for you, if you didn't get your spring wardrobe set yet, it is now on sale for wear-now. Blazers and shorts are key items to purchase at a discount this month.


Jeans are a hot ticket in July. Now the spring items that didn't sell on sale are at deep discounts. Some stores do not even get a new collection for July delivery as it is clearance time. Again, major deals for July 4th.


Fall pieces are arriving in stores. This is the time you can get the greatest deals on clearance if you have the patience to go through the picked through items and the fortune to find your size.

        Image courtesy of by aechan

        Image courtesy of by aechan

Now why, I don't know, but apparently, there is a secret system to getting bargains online.

Here is your list.

MONDAYS  - Sunglasses

TUESDAYS  -  Menswear



FRIDAY - Jewelry

SATURDAY - Lingerie

SUNDAY - Swimsuits

Happy shopping!

And remember, it's not too late to up the ante on your Spring look.

The Foodie Guide to Style

Diane Pollack

Last week I sent my husband to trader Joes without me. I reminded him to pick up that truffle pizza we both liked and to get some frozen broccoli.

What happened?

He came back with 3 truffle pizzas, 2 of the same chickens and 2 boxes of a Mexican flavored quinoa burger we hadn’t even tried yet. Oh, and about 4 variations of fresh broccoli and cauliflower.

So far sounds good, right?

Well, after having had each item once and throwing much of the perishables in the freezer, I continued to open my totally stuffed freezer and had nothing to eat.

Are you getting where I am going with this? - Tons of stuff and no options. Does this sound like your closet?

The truffle pizza was like a dress. A one and done outfit. But it would have been so much better with an accompaniment like a salad to “accessorize” it.

Growing up, my mother always prepared meals with three components: a meat, a starch and a veggie. This made a complete meal or as your outfit is concerned it used the Three Piece rule to create a stylized look.

Unfortunately, the selection, I had in my freezer had a ton of redundancy and no variety. No wonder all week I was struggling with what to eat, got bored of what I had and had no side dishes to create new and better options.

           Does your closet look like your overstuffed freezer?

           Does your closet look like your overstuffed freezer?

When going through many of my client’s closets, I find that they tend toward a certain look or color and sometimes this causes duplications and lack of variety.

Do you have redundancies in your wardrobe? Perhaps multiple pairs of black pants or boots that are quite similar to each other?

Oh and let’s get back to all that broccoli and cauliflower. Doesn’t he know that you can’t buy too much of these items or they will spoil? They have a shelf life. Sort of like all those trends you may purchase, don’t wear and then they look dated.

So take another look at your closet and see if it reminds you of my freezer. If so, it may be time to get rid of the redundancies and spoiled perishables and accessorize your truffle pizza.

Maybe the kitchen is not for you. You don’t know how to make great combinations or you don’t have time for it.  Only great chefs can combine unusual combinations and make delicious creations. The rest is best to stick to the tried and true recipes,

Maybe you need some help with your “meal prep”. Contact me to help and soon you will be your own “foodie”

What's In Store - Spring Trends

Diane Pollack

Before I begin by telling you what is in store for spring, I always start my trend reports with my favorite, coined term; "trends are suggestions and not mandates". My job is simply to inform you about what is going on in the fashion world. From there, it is up to you to extract which trends you like and will work for you. Or simply choose to ignore them.

So let's start with color. We had a moment of millennial pink and ultraviolet. These shades have morphed into soft lavender for spring. Sitting pretty with the lavender are other pastel shades. 

In the print world - Gingham, bold stripes and florals continue from last year. Polka dots and leopard/animal prints (which truly never really die) are hot patterns for spring. Colorful pop art prints are new.

Logos are rampant.

For your spring showers, trenches are hot. This year they are re-imagined in colors, fabrics and silhouettes so they don't always look like the classics.

I am seeing a lot of oversized jackets and pantsuits with big shoulders resembling the 80's. Frankly, these models who can usually carry clothes the best, seem to be swallowed up by them. Personally, I don't think this is a look for everyone and most women may just want to stay away from this. If you do decide to go-for-it, I recommend you only do a piece, for instance, the jacket and wear back to skinny bottoms, which will help balance the proportion.

Pant shapes have been becoming wider and more fluid. One of the key new trends is the paper-bag waist.

Athleisure continues strong. People just want to be comfortable and if they can get away with it as a trend, even better! Everything seems to have racing stripes on it these days. "Couture anoraks" and zip hoodie jackets are popping up everywhere. Many in patent or metallics that dress up the casual styles

Also in the casual vein - denim continues to explode both in styling and used as accessories. Jeans and many pant styles continue to be cropped exposing the ankles. Cropped flares are a fun option.

To wear with your athleisure, designers continue with the sneaker trend in satins, sequins, studs and this trend continues to blow-up.

The corded espadrilles heel or sole is on everything from flats to wedges to sneakers. Mules, slides and slingbacks are other great shoe options for spring.

The fanny pack isn't just for tourists anymore. Designers are showing cute new versions that you just may want.

Sheer panels show up in clothing and peek-a-boo clear plastic accents on accessories.

And don't forget the shades. Small kitten-eyed frames and large round glasses are a fun way to top off your outfit.

By the way - if you like any of the items in the pics, click for more details.

 I hope this was helpful to get you started on your spring shopping. Need additional help, just contact me and I will give you more personalized help.

6 Reasons You May Not Feel Aligned With Your Wardrobe?

Diane Pollack

April is here and we are all starting to get excited for spring weather, which of course means spring clothes.

Will you just put away your winter items and pull down your spring ones? BAD IDEA!

Was there anything in your winter wardrobe that you need to review? Did you wear it all? Do you like it all? Does it all fit?

What a waste of time to put it all away, just to take down next season, if it is not working for you.

Now let's dig a little deeper.

Do the clothes in your closet really reflect who you are today? What do I mean by this?

1) Do you have clothes from when you were still in school? 

2) Do you have clothes from when you used to be working outside your home (and don't anymore)?

3) Do you have clothes from when you worked inside your home (and don't anymore)?

4) Do you have clothes from a previous career that was quite corporately different?

5) Do you have clothes from when you were a different size?

6) Do you have clothes from a previous decade? (A piece or two might actually be OK, but if your wardrobe reads like you could pinpoint that decade, it's a don't)

Image courtesy of by Aleska D

Image courtesy of by Aleska D

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, you are clearly in need of a wardrobe intervention!

These are just some of the reasons, you might not have anything to wear and you might not feel in alignment with your wardrobe.

After all, you have grown and changed. Aren't you presenting yourself as a relic of your past life?

Step up and show up as who you want to be seen as NOW and all the changes and accomplishments you have been through.

Or perhaps these were not your issues, but you are still struggling. You need a course redirection on your wardrobe. You need to easily find and put on what you are going to wear every day. You need to feel confident and empowered on a regular basis.

Think about how you would carry yourself and what it could help you achieve in other areas of your life.

So now answer these questions?

1) How do you feel when you go to get dressed every day?

2) What is your biggest wardrobe struggle?

3) How do your clothes and wardrobe make you feel on a regular basis?

Hold that thought in your head for a moment and think about what that investment in you would mean to feel confident and empowered.

Now - have I got a SPECIAL PROMOTION for you, AND I have never done this before.  I am having a Spring deal, but grab it soon, because it is a limited time. From now through April 15, you can get 30% off of all Stylempower regular priced packages. (This does not include intro packages). I have never given this great of a promotion before. So grab your tax returns and set up a consultation with me. Packages must be paid for by April 15th for service at any time.


Ethical fashion...................Part 2

Diane Pollack

Last month I opened the conversation about ethical and sustainable fashion. That was just scratching the surface of how some brands are being more transparent. This has created the opportunity for many new brands to differentiate themselves to the market of consumers that truly care about how their clothes are made.

The luxury brand, Chloe will not use real fur in their high-end products. Many companies are now using faux or "vegan" fur and leather.

Jeans have been found to use excessive amounts of water to produce. Brands like Edun have created new production processes to reduce this wastage. Now in this month's Marie Claire magazine, I just read, that Edun has created a cruelty-free leather made from pineapple leaves. (Sounds like a Project Runway episode).

                                 Tamara Mellon Scarf shoes (Image from their website)

                                 Tamara Mellon Scarf shoes (Image from their website)

Other companies mentioned in the Marie Claire's article were Tamara Mellon shoes (founder of Jimmy Choo) who is repurposing vintage scarves into one-of-a-kind sandals and House of Fluff who is not only making faux fur coats, but all the labels and dyes are sustainable too.

For the creative out there, put on your thinking caps, this is an opportunity...

Now I thought I would give you a list of brands you might not have heard of who are doing their part. Check them out.

Amore Vert,  Sunad, Were mountains meet, Mayamiko,  Back Beat Rags,  Amur ,A peace treaty  All birds,  Reformation, Zady, Raven & Lily, Christy Dawn, Re/done,Tome,  Botanica workshop,  Aiayu,  Kowtow, Aday,  Harper Lange,  People tree,  Matt & Nat, Olsehaus, Beserange, Olin/D


Then there are the brands, that make donations when you make a purchase, such as Feed, Tom's and Warby Parker.

And that is just to get you started. There are so many more.

Thrift shops and consignment shops are great to give your old pieces a chance at a second life. Stores such as H&M, Uniqlo, & Other stories, and Northface have donations boxes. Here they will take any old fabrics (beyond clothing, think sheets, pillows, curtains etc) pulverize it and make recycled items. Many of these stores will give you a coupon or credit toward your purchase. Pretty cool!   

Closet rejuvenations are on the road to sustainability. After all, you are editing and donating, working with what you have and new investments in items are limited. If you would like to find out more about how a closet rejuvenation can help you, comment on this blog or shoot me an email.      

Your Best Look

Diane Pollack

Last month, I gave you some tips on how to style a difficult item in 5 easy steps. I gave you ladies the opportunity to send in pictures and be featured in an upcoming insider news.

Well, my client, Stephanie Heintzler (The NY Doula)  needed some style advise. She was attending the Quadrilleball, an annual charity event at the Pierre. 

"I’ll be attending a charity ball this Saturday and would love some ideas on how I can wear this gown?"


"I’ll wear my hair down and will have professional makeup but wonder what kind of earrings/jewelry would be good with this?"



Very pretty gown!

You hit the nail on the head by mentioning earrings. The dress already has so many details on the neckline that you don’t want to compete with a necklace. 

For earrings, dangly is best and there are all types of dangly earrings. Pick your metal color gold or silver and since it is dressy you might want a little bling.

You can go rhinestone crystal color and go with silver accents or the stones could have a pop of color in them.

A third option could be black, See example below of tassel earrings. (I sent her an example of a  board I styled below)

Another piece of jewelry you could have is a bracelet since your wrists are bare or a large cocktail ring. Choose the earrings first and then have your bracelet and or ring complement it by being the same metal and or stone color. No matchy sets, just keep with a similar feel. If you opt for a bracelet and a large ring, wear on opposite hands.

Shoes seem least important since the gown is so long and they are mostly covered. Probably black is easy and obvious and if you are investing in black shoes they can probably be worn with other items. You could go with metallic, but I think black is the best choice for versatility and to keep the focus up top.  Style-wise, there may be many options out there that are good. I think a pump front and a sandal strap back would be nice.

For your bag, a small clutch or purse. You could go basic with black. It could also have your metal color or a stone accent. The whole bag could be your chosen metal color. You could also go with an accent, say a satin red, hot pink or any color clutch. 

An example of how I styled a black dress.     

An example of how I styled a black dress.  


Here the inspiration was the bag and I took the green, the gold and the black from that. For accent colors like the green, you don’t want everything to be green, just a piece or two to pick up the theme.

Here is Stephanie looking stunning at her event!

Here is Stephanie looking stunning at her event!

Do you have an event that you want to feel fabulous at?

My clients get this service included with their packages. If you are not currently a client, have a big event coming up or just want to dip your toe into some style help, then contact me to find out about Your Best Look Express service.

Here is what Marci said about it  "I would really like to pay you more. You helped me so much and saved me a lot of time."  

So contact me today to get YOUR best look Now!

Buzzz Buzzz - Ethical & Sustainable Fashion

Diane Pollack

In this day-in-age, fashion is fast!

We all have the opportunity to see the fashion shows on the internet and there is a want-it-now mentality.

In many ways, this is great, because you CAN have it now, yet in other ways, we are creating excess waste when we are ever more aware of the environmental impact and ethical production aspects. 

How can you be trendy (or at least current) and not be wasteful?

I spoke with Jeanine Polizzi, an ethical fashion and sustainability expert, to find out exactly what this all means. "It technically means a fashion brand looks at how it operates ethically, socially and environmentally and the impact it is having. In order to create accountability, we are seeing more and more fashion brands becoming transparent to the consumer in the way that they do business" says Polizzi.

One of  Polizzi's favorite (and a favorite of many others) is Everlane   She loves their radical transparency.  "They tell you about the ethical factories where the products are made and how the garments are priced – from raw materials to transportation.  In addition, they have created a 100% Human collection to ensure rights are not only protected but equal by giving money to both the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Equality Now."

Bamboo scape.jpg

A study from Cone Communications (2017). CSR Report states that 9 out of 10 people are willing to switch to a brand of equal price and quality to support a social issue.

Polizzi finishes by saying "I love that brands are shifting their focus to what is good for both people and the planet.  I also love that we as consumers get to vote our social conscience with our purchases!"

Are you one of the 9 out of 10 that would switch brands for sustainability and transparency? What are your favorite fashion brands? Post your comment below and let me know.

Wow, what a big topic to be covering in my short insider news. I have so many brands, business and platforms to tell you about. Stay tuned for part two.................

How To Style a Difficult Item in 5 Easy Steps

Diane Pollack

Whenever I start creating outfits in a client's closet, I am always most inspired by the printed or unique items first. They have very specific mood and colors to work with. These are usually the items that my clients have the most difficulty styling themselves.

Here are my suggested guidelines so that you can try and style these items on your own.


If so, is there an accent color to pull out? Beware...If you have a printed skirt, a solid pull-out color might be nice for the top. However, if you have a printed top, you may not want to pull out the accent color for a bottom if, for instance, it is bright purple. Here you may want to go back to a neutral. Many people will go to black, which can look great, but not always the best choice. 


Read Does Black Go With Everything?


Girly, western, business, mod, bohemian?

If so, pair with pieces that might have a similar mood or theme. by photostock by photostock


If you have an extra voluminous top, pair with skinny bottoms. If you have an extra voluminous bottom, pair with a form-fitting top.


Good news, you can style it with most pieces. However, you don't want a boring outfit either.

Check out Do you know what the 3-piece rule is?


Keep accessories away from busy areas (interesting necklines, ruffles etc). Add to plain areas, especially solids with high necklines and lot of expanse of the same fabric. Read more about how to accessorize.


The first 3 people to send me a picture, will get my advice and the opportunity to be featured in an upcoming Insider news,

Not one of the first 3? Don't fret, do you know about my YOUR BEST LOOK EXPRESS  service?

Inspiration & Conversation

Diane Pollack

Sad to say, the holiday lights and parties are over and we still have a long drag of winter weather to weather. Well, the good news is that there are still plenty of items on sale, that you can buy and wear now and infuse a little newness into your wardrobe.

However, you may feel like shopping is an overwhelming process, especially when it means rummaging through sale racks. Whether it be in a store or online, you just don't know where to start.

Now for me, this is all fun and games and I had a good time pulling some styled outfits out of the endless options of online shopping. And as you can see, the two outfits are for two people with very different styles.

                                     Are you a trendy girl or are you a classic girl?                                            (click on the image to shop these items)

                                     Are you a trendy girl or are you a classic girl?

                                          (click on the image to shop these items)

So as I went online "shopping", I thought about two very different type of ladies: one who is classic and one who is trendy. As a wardrobe consultant - I must understand who my customer is and what she wants to wear. Now understand that these are just two options. You may love one, both or neither for yourself and I can help style you no matter what your personal style is.

OUTFIT 1 - Can even be worn without the vest in the in-between seasons. Pull out a pop of the color, but don't go overboard.

OUTFIT 2 - The high neckline calls for a necklace or other accessory to break up the expance of fabric. In this case I was able to find a necklace that picked up the colors in the sweater and skirt.

                                            The weekend version of these girls.                                            (click on the image to shop these items)

                                            The weekend version of these girls.

                                          (click on the image to shop these items)

Our same two ladies are going to need some casual outfits for the weekend!

OUTFIT 1 - As trendy as it is... you may envision this outfit on a twenty-something, even if you are substantially older, there is nothing inappropriate about it (hello me - looking in the mirror).

OUTFIT 2 - What I love about this outfit, is that even though there are some very classic items - turtleneck sweater, aviators etc., It is a very updated look but still in the comfort zone for the classic girl.

Which style is your style? Or was it neither? Reply to me and let me know what your personal style is.

EVEN BETTER - the first 3 people to reply, will get their very own outfit board styled for them. READY, SET, Go.............

In addition to curating fun outfits online, I was also privileged to be a guest on Brooklyn Savvy TV. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and listen to this half-hour episode.

Oh, and before you do, I am going to be the first to call out that even stylists have wardrobe mishaps. I was mortified that the armhole of my dress was riding up during the whole interview. OOPs!

Click on the picture below to start the episode.

Culture or Style?

Diane Pollack

Happy New Year to you!

This year while out to dinner on New Year's eve, I was struck by the wide variance of attire in a nice but not super fancy restaurant. To my right was a woman in a way to short, low-back fully sequined dress with sparkly stiletto heels and a few others in super glitzy outfits. But more abundant also seemed to be the other range of the spectrum, hoodies!


How could there be such a divergence in one place and on new years eve, no less?

For those who have been reading my insider news, I have often talked about that all places and occasions have an acceptable range of appropriate attire. And as much as I feel that you should be comfortable in your personal style, I did think that at this restaurant on this occasion this range really was the entire spectrum.

Oh did you want to know what I was wearing? A sequined jacket with jeans.

Now the other two things I will note about this evening and the attire. It was literally 10 degrees out and when I went to the ladies room, I think I was the only English speaking person there.


So what is my point?

1) The cold weather had influenced my decision to wear boots instead of pumps, although others choose to still wear low back tops or super short dress.
2) The varying tourists made me think about what may be appropriate in other cultures.

Actually, even the culture of style can differ in as far as your neighboring state. Recently I went to visit a friend in Southern Jersey. Her house was super cold and she offered me a fleece sweatshirt and fuzzy slippers to hang around in. When it was time to go to dinner, I said, ok let me change back to my sweater and re-fresh my make-up and she said there was no need to. She was going out in her fleece. Of course, I was not leaving the house looking like that (and feeling like that) even though I was not going to see anyone I knew. When we got to the restaurant, it was filled with people in fleece and hoodies.

So bottom line, I absolutely believe in personal style and some people may be a little more dressy and some people are a little more casual. The new years eve example was truly a little far example of the entire spectrum especially the too casual end.

Now let's talk about YOU  How are you going to feel, look and show up in 2018?


Contact me and let me know what your thoughts or how I can help  YOU


What Not To Wear - to a holiday party

Diane Pollack

There are all types of holiday parties and what to wear can always be challenging. Unless the attire is clearly stated such as "Black-tie". But what if it isn’t and you are not sure what type of place it is or who will be there?

We start to make ourselves anxious about what is appropriate to wear. Well one thing I always say for various occasions is that there is always a range of appropriate, some people will be a little more dressy and some will be a little more casual, but as long as you fall within that range-  and love what you are wearing than enjoy!

There is a caveat to my rule (about loving what you are wearing) that applies to business-related holiday parties and it is this. You may love that short backless, tight dress, but overtly sexy is not appropriate for a business holiday party.

Hopefully, this is abundantly clear, but let's lay out some more specific guidelines. A hem length above the knee is perfectly fine, but one that barely covers your butt and looks like you will have a fashion mishap should you try to sit down or get into a cab is an absolute "no".

Stay away from bearing too much skin on top too. Hopefully, the no-to-cleavage is obvious and you should probably err on the side of caution with too much shoulders or back showing too. Luckily the "cold-shoulder" tops that are trending right now, cover your arms and the peak of shoulders can still be appropriately sexy for these events.

So basically, if it looks like a Kadashian would wear it, stay clear of the look for your corporate parties.

image from by photostock

image from by photostock

So what can you wear?

Holiday is a time to kick it up a notch. This is the place you can add sparkle and bling.

Clothing with lurex or metallic fabrics is a go.

Accessories with rhinestones - "yes please".

Your favorite high heel party shoes - "for sure!"

Punch up your makeup with glittery eye shadow, fake lashes, fun nail polish or a darker pout if you like.

If you recently bought that super sexy outfit, have fun wearing it to New Year’s or a friend's party. Now go have fun!