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127-139 E 59th St
New York, NY, 10022
United States

(646) 831-2584

A Wardrobe Consulting, Styling and Personal Shopping service catering to women in  the New York City area. We are the fashion solution, to save you time and empower you to feel confident in your style. We specialize in petites.


What are you afraid of?

Diane Pollack

I hear comments all the time like “you provide such a valuable service” and “I often struggle with what to wear for xxx”.

Sorry for your struggles, but that is exactly what I am here to help you with. So just ask for help. (Wait, isn’t struggling for asking for help a guy thing? LOL)

Although your concerns are valid, they are actually counter-intuitive and may be stopping you from achieving a stress-free and empowered relationship with your wardrobe.

 Concern #1

“My closet is a very personal space”, “It is a mess” or “I don’t have fancy labels”.

Whatever your exact reasoning, you feel like you will be judged.

 No judgment, I promise!

I have seen it all and whatever you have is probably not the worst thing I have seen.

If you go through my closet, it is not about fancy labels either.

And honestly, I am secretly happy when my clients aren’t totally organized, not only do I enjoy the organizational process, but the results for my clients are even more pronounced and their closet is transformed into it’s potential.


Concern #2

“Maybe Diane won’t get my style”. Whether it is because my personal style is very different than yours or because you are tall and I am short, or you have extra curves in a certain area – have no fear, I get you.

Let me remind you, or perhaps you didn’t know, I spent the bulk of my career as a clothing designer. Most of the product that I designed was for woman whose tastes were nothing like mine.

Understanding other women’s tastes is essential as a stylist. And that by the way, is why you may have a friend with very good tastes, but when you go shopping with them or ask them for wardrobe advise, they may be seeing it through the filter of their own personal tastes and not what is right for you.

Oh and by the way, did you notice my tagline? “Style for your lifestyle”.

Concern #3

And now we come to the money part…

Where you might wonder is it too much, is it necessary and/ or is it worth it?

Not only is it worth it, but you may end up actually saving money. 


If you are one of those people who

  • Buys items of clothing and never take the tags off

  • Buys clothing that you like, but have no idea how to wear them, so you don’t

  • Buys items that you decide later you don’t really like so you never wear them

Then investing in a stylist will definitely save you money.

If you are one of those people who

  • Randomly goes out shopping with no clear vision of your wardrobe needs

  • Buys things because they are a bargain (although it might have been cheaper to not buy it at all)

  • Tends to buy multiple versions of the same items that serve the same purpose (totally unnecessary)

Then investing in a stylist will help you create a targeted shopping list so that you don’t waste money on these mistakes again. 

Finally, what about the values of your time and the feeling of confidence and empowerment with the right items that could help you succeed in other areas of your life?

 Isn’t that the best investment of all?

Stop making excuses. Contact me to make this the year where you wardrobe is finally working for YOU.